Quality is a reference value for Mauri. Constant investment in plant and equipment of last generation, careful selection of suppliers and compliance are a guarantee of excellence for consumers.

Usually all the audits for Quality are announced, through agreements between the company and the certification body, and the dates in which the audits are carried out are scheduled.
Mauri has decided to take the way to the BRC and IFS certifications, which are the most recognized and complex international certifications in the management of the unannounced audit.
The audits are carried out unannounced, without prior notice and without prior agreements. We are pleased to inform our customers that in 2018 we had passed for both certifications, the unannounced audits obtaining the following levels:

BRC grade AA +

Emilio Mauri has taken this decision to try to improve even more and to guarantee all our customers maximum transparency.

The ISO 22000 certification is a further international certification of the” ISO “family, recognized worldwide, focused on food safety of products similar to the BRC and IFS certifications, in particular on the analysis of the HACCP study (Hazard Analysis and Critical Controll Points.) In addition, the company has undertaken a deepening of the certification, obtaining ISO \ TS22002-1 (Additional FSSC22000).

Quality also means respect for human rights, transparency, equity and sustainability.

Listed below you can find our certifications:

  • IFS
  • BRC
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000:FSSC PAS 220
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 14001

Quality policy: View the PDF.